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Company Profile

Relying on advantages of research, development, production, sale and so on of wheels, Zerone Group takes the lead in manufacturing forged aluminum magnesium alloy wheels of China in combination with the requirements of national high-end wheels on the future market. Founded in December 2012, Shandong Zerone Aluminum Co., Ltd. introduces foreign advanced production equipment and cutting-edge technology, and specializes in producing high-intensity and lightweight forged aluminum magnesium alloy wheels of trucks, buses, SUV sedans, etc.
The project is located in Economic Development Zone, Guangrao County, Shandong Province, covers an area of 320,000 m2, has the total investment of RMB 1.29 billion and a construction period of 15 months, and will establish four high-standard large production workshops and one automated logistics warehouse with the total building area of 260,000 m2, as well as office building, R&D center, staff restaurant, activity center building and national inspection center building with the total building area of 32,000 m2, which are matched with modern outdoor tennis court, basketball court and lawn parking lot, to realize a beautiful comfortable production and office environment. The project introduces the most advanced forged aluminum magnesium alloy wheel manufacturing process and technology in the world, and purchases equipment from international first-class manufacturers of the industry, such as CNC spinning machines of German LEIFLD Company and SSB Company, CNC machining centers of Italian ZMT Company, polishing machines of Spanish AUTOPULIT Company, robots of Swiss ABB Company, and full-automatic inspection equipment of American BTI Company. The project has introduced 5 high automation production lines, and been equipped with more than 120 advanced equipment and more than 50 robots, with the annual output of 3 million aluminum magnesium alloy wheels. By virtue of cutting-edge technology, advanced equipment and the assurance of product quality and scale, the company will definitely become a first-class excellent enterprise of the industry in the world.
In the mission of “Precision Forging, Bear the Future” and the philosophy of “Technical Innovation, Pragmatic Development”, the company fixedly stares the market trends at home and abroad, vigorously researches, develops and applies new products and new processes, and actively propels European and American market strategy of aluminum magnesium alloy wheels, to constantly expand the business field and adjust the industrial structure and product structure, striving to realize leaping development.